Prospectus 16 - 17

Welcome to Abeba Inamdar Senior College

Mr. P. A. Inamdar "The Global economic scenario is changing rapidly, what was modern yesterday is suddenly obsolete today. Thus the industries need trained personnel who can innovate rather than just follow others.
At Abeda Inamdar Senior College, Pune, our aim is to produce such talented, young and dynamic professionals. Our girl students have been trained and carefully nurtured in an atmosphere that is creative, harmonizing and challenging to tackle the intense competition. What I found in our students is that once they set a goal for themselves they are very success oriented."

- Mr. P. A. Inamdar
President (M.C.E. Society)

Mrs. Abeda Inamdar Founder Abeda Inamdar Senior College

  1. 1. She has keen interest in Education, particularly Women’s Education. For this reason she has donated a huge amount for establishing Abeda Inamdar Junior College for Girls and Abeda Inamdar Senior College for Girls at Pune , where at present 10,000 girls are taking education in Arts, Science, Commerce and Computer faculty.
  2. 2. Member Committee on Girls Education: National Commission for Minority Educational Institution, New Delhi.
  3. 3. Senate Member- Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded
  4. 4. Ex Senate Member of University of Pune.
  5. 5. Managing Trustee & Past President - Poona Women’s Council
  6. 6. Vice President- University Women’s Association.
  7. 7. President- Deccan Muslim Institute & Research Center, Pune
  8. 8. Vice President- Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society, Pune.
  9. 9. Vice President- P.A. Inamdar Education Trust, Pune
  10. 10. Vice President- Maharashtra Medical Education & Research Center, Pune
  11. 11. Trustee- Crescent India Medical Education Trust, Pune
  12. 12. Trustee- Poona Oriental Education Trust
  13. 13. Mrs. Inamdar was the Hon. Gen. Secretary for National Council of Women in India from 1999-2001 and represented India at Helsinki, Finland.
  14. 14. Recently Government of Maharashtra has awarded her ‘Savitribai Phule’ Award for her services in the field of Women’s education.

- Mrs. Abeda Inamdar
Vice President (M.C.E. Society)

Dr. E. M. Khan "We at M.C.E. Society's Abeda Indamdar Senior College believe in the philosophy 'to educate is to empower'. The mission statement of the college - 'Read to Lead' is truly emblematic of this philosophy. Empowerment, however, requires more than academic excellence. In today's competitive and demanding world, our students must also excel in sports and extracurricular activities. These will equip them with the necessary soft skills to go that extra mile. The college makes every possible attempt to synergize this into the education process. The highly efficient teaching staff ensures academic excellence. Well equipped library, sports complex and laboratories ensure an environment conductive to learning. Cultural gatherings, sports tournaments, publication of bulletins, exhibitions, and seminars and so on all find their way into the academic calendar of our college. The college also fulfills its social obligations through the activities of its vibrant NSS Unit.
Necessary computer and communication skills are imparted to the students in the college through its autonomous courses in Computers, Spoken English, and Communication Skills & Personality Development. The relevance of such training can hardly be debated in any walk of life today.
Our college has successfully undergone assessment and accreditation by NAAC Bangalore and has established a Quality Assurance Cell.
According to "India Today" special issue dated 2nd June 2008, Abeda Inamdar Senior College appears in its list of 5 best colleges in Pune city.
I am indeed proud that in a short span of time the college was grown from strength to strength. Not only do we have a steady increase in the number of students but we also have an ever increasing number of subjects and courses offered both at the undergraduate and post graduate levels. In the pursuit of excellence, our efforts will always be relentless and wholehearted! I wish you all a grand success."

- Dr. E. M. Khan
Principal (Abeda Inamdar College)