Infrastructure Facility


The college library is housed in a separate three storeyed building. The library has the facility of two modern reading halls and a stack room. The college library has been computerized to a great extent. It also has a separate Internet room having 24 hrs. fibre-optic internet connectivity for the students & staff. The college has a well qualified librarian and other supporting staff.

  1. The college library is open from 8.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday, while the reading hall remains open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.on all days.
  2. A student should obtain the identity card from the library as soon as he/she takes admission. The identity card is an important document and should be safely preserved and brought to college daily.
  3. No student is allowed to enter the library without his/her identity card and the same should be shown at the entrance of the library.
  4. In case the identity card is lost,  the student should inform the librarian immediately in writing and apply for a duplicate identity card which will be issued on a payment of Rs 25/-. If the original card is found later the  student should return the duplicate one. A student should not keep two identity cards in his/her possession. THE USE OF TWO IDENTITY CARDS IS NOT PERMISSIBLE AND ANY STUDENT VIOLATING THE RULES IS LIABLE TO SEVERE PUNISHMENT.
  5. The student will be responsible if her identity card is misused in any way by any other person.


  1. The library offers a computerized index of all texts for easy reference.
  2. A student who desires to borrow the books to study at home will have to pay a sum of Rs.50/- as caution money. The student should submit his/her caution money reciept and identity card to the librarian for the preparation of the library card. On this card only one book will be issued for home reading for a period of six days only.  Students are expected to return the book.
    borrowed by them on or before the due date stamped on the issue slip.
  3. Reference books like dictionaries, encyclopedia, atlases, rare books, current periodicals,  University Question paper sets etc. will not be issued for home lending. These can however be made available in the library during regular working hours.
  4. A student is expected to check the pages of the book before leaving the issuing counter and if any pages are missing the same should be immediately brought to the notice of the librarian. Any student failing to do so will be held responsible for any damage etc. found while returning the book.
  5. Students are not allowed to borrow books on subjects other than those prescribed for them .
  6. Students are not allowed to lend any book belonging to the library to any other person.
  7. No book will be issued to any student either in the reading hall or for home study unless the student produces her identity card.
  8. Book Bank facility is provided to poor, needy & deserving students.
  9. The college library has made available the Inter-Library Loan facilities to access books from Jayker Library, University of Pune, The British Council Library, Pune, Deccan Muslim Institute & Library, Pune & other libraries in the city.


  1. The reading halls remain open from 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. on all working days.
  2. Students should maintain silence in the Reading Hall and not cause any disturbance to other students in any manner. Indiscipline in the Reading Hall is viewed very seriously and the student will be liable to strict disciplinary action.
  3. Students should not mark or mutilate the library books in any way.
  4. Text books, Question Paper sets, syllabi, magazines and reference books are issued for reading in the reading room. Books borrowed by the student in the reading room should be returned at the counter before leaving the library and should not be taken home under any circumstances.
  5. Any student disobeying the rules of the library and the reading hall will be liable to strict disciplinary action like cancellation of her membership of the library or even rustication from the college.
  6. The library attendant on duty at the entrance of the library is authorized to examine every thing that passes into or out of the library.
  7. The college leaving or transfer certificate will not be issued to any student who has not returned the library books.


                None can deny the importance of internet in the present times. It is an open access to global knowledge. An internet connection gives access to all possible fields of study. Keeping this in mind, the college has free of cost 24 hour fiber-optic connectivity throughout the campus so that the staff and students can make effective use of technology.


The college has hostels in the campus which provides residential accommodation to students. The application form along with the rules of the hostel can be obtained from the office of the warden of the hostel.