NCC (National Cadet Corps)
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Unity and Discipline


  • To Develop Character, Comradeship, Discipline, Leadership, Secular Outlook, Spirit of Adventure, and Ideals of Selfless Service amongst the Youth of the Country.
  • To Create a Human Resource of Organized, Trained and Motivated Youth, To Provide Leadership in all Walks of life and be Always Available for the Service of the Nation.


  • To Provide a Suitable Environment to Motivate the Youth to Take Up a Career in the Armed Forces.



Head of Department:

Asst Prof.LK SINGH
CONTACT NUMBER: 9156461048

With a view to contribute the service to Nation, Society and impart Army training to students, Abeda Inamadar Senior College, Pune raised  one Senior Division   unit  of 1 Maratha Signal Company of National Cadet Corps  in 2015 and enrolled  6 girls and 2 boys  in  the first year of its inception. The   unit is commanded by Prof. LK Singh of Department of Commerce. Under his able guidance, 3 students finally qualified for Air force common admission tests in the administrative branch.  In first year itself, the 21 well trained cadets enthusiastically participated in Republic Day Parade of the college. The cadets have actively participated in several activities at the unit level. e.g: NCC day celebration & Cleanness drive at NCC group Headquarters, Pune and college Campus

Who can join?

  • Male of female after passing 12th standard with minimum 55 percent from any stream can enroll for NCC as a cadet provided he or she has enrolled in any course of  first year graduation run by Abeda Inamdar  Senior college. 
  • The cadet has to undergo 3 years of training. It is imparted once in a week on Tuesday between 11 am to 5pm at Group HQ NCC Shivajinagar, Pune. After completing 3 years, he or she is awarded   ‘C’ Certificate.
  • All cadets enrolled with the unit will be given one time uniform by the unit to be used by cadets for 3 years. The uniform includes   shirt, trouser, shoe lanyard, heckle, beret, badge, belt, socks etc.
  •    Interested Students should contact Prof. LK Singh on 9156461048 or mail  to

  Benefits to NCC Cadets. NCC providers various benefits to its cadets during undergoing  training as  cadets as well as
After completing their training .Some of the benefits available to NCC cadets during training are as follows.

  • Academic Benefits
  • SB P Pune University offers max 15 extra marks to NCC cadets.
  • 1% marks are given for admission in medical colleges.
  • 10 Seats are reserved for admission in Engineering College.
  • 15 seats are  reserved for NCC cadets for admission  in polytechnic colleges
  • Weightage of 4 marks  is given for admission in ITI
  • Scholarship
  • Sahara Scholarship- Rs. 6000.
  •  500 Scholarship by Cadets Welfare Society   each amounting to Rs. 5000.
  • Chief Minister Scholarship- Rs. 6000.
  • DG, NCC Scholarship- Rs. 6000.
  • Shyam Benegal Scholarship- Rs. 6000.

2.  Employment  opportunities
 The cadets after being awarded ‘ C’ Certificate,   get  number of opportunities  in Army , Navy, Air force and various Para military forces . They can join solders as well as officers .The details are given as follows.
1. National Cadet Corps `C’ Certificate holders will be required to compete in UPSC Examination for grant of commission in the Army through  IMA and OTS.  However, 32 vacancies in every regular course of IMA are  reserved for National Cadet Corps `C’ Certificate holders who have passed UPSC entrance examination and have also been declared successful by the Service Selection Board.
2. The point to note is that from amongst the National Cadet Corps Cadets who have passed UPSC Examination and the SSB, 32 cadets will be selected to undergo training at the IMA irrespective of the  position in the general merit list, i.e. 64 vacancies in a year.
3. NCC `C’ Certificate holders with minimum `B’ Grade are exempted from appearing in Written Examination conducted by UPSC for SSC (NonTech) Course of OTA Madras through NCC Special Entry Scheme.  There are 50 vacancies reserved for one course.  Total vacancies are 100 per year.
4. (a)  The candidates who are NCC ‘C’ Certificate holders seeking enrolment for Sol(GD) are exempted from Part-I of the written examination and will be placed at the top of the merit list.  But, as far as Sol Clk/SKT/Tech/NA are concerned, they will not be  exempted from Pt-I of the written exam, but 10% bonus marks will be awarded of the total marks earned in the written exam for overall placement in the merit list.
(b)    As far as NCC ‘A’ and “B’ Certificate holders are concerned, the percentage of bonus marks will be awarded as under with a view to improve the candidates overall order of merit:-
NOTE:-   It is clarified that if a candidate is both a son of an ex-servicemen/servicemen and a NCC Certificate holder, he is entitled to only one type of concession. 
1. Upto 6 vacancies per course for grant of commission in the Navy are reserved for selection of eligible National Cadet Corps Cadets as special entry cadets, provided they are in possession of `C’ Certificate of Naval Wing, have passed BSc (Physics & Maths) or BE, are 19 to 24 years of age and are deemed fit to undergo training in Naval Academy, Goa by  the  Service Selection Board.  Such candidates are exempted from appearing in the Combined Defence Services Examination conducted by the UPSC.
2. Weightage of following additional marks is given to National Cadet Corps certificate holders for recruitment in the Navy : - 


Direct Entry                             Sailor(MER)              Artificer Apprentices Diploma Holder
(i) Certificate `A’                            2                                      2 
(ii) Certificate `B’                           4                                     4
(iii) Certificate `C’                           6                                    6
Note :   Proportionate reduction in Weightage marks depending on marks for  each category
1.         Flying Branch (Pilot) (Pre-Flying Training). 10% of vacancies for direct entry for Pilots courses are reserved for NCC ‘C’ certificate holders. They are not (R) not processed through UPSC entrance exam. 
2.         Other Branches.   10% of vacancies are reserved in each branch for NCC `C’ certificate holders.  They are not (R) not processed through UPSC entrance exam.
3.         Following are the changes in educational qualifications for  commissioning in various branches in IAF.:-
(a) Flying Branch             -     Any graduate (should have done Physics during 10+2 ).
(b) Ground Duties Branch  -  1st  Division in graduation.  The branch is allotted centrally by the IAF.
AIR FORCE (Airman)
4.         The marks  as given below  are added to selection Test marks of the qualified candidates possessing NCC Certificates:-
 ‘C’ Certificate                   …….           5 marks
 B’  Certificate                   …….          4 marks
A’ Certificate                  ……..            3 marks
          ‘A’ Certificate        Part I & II  ……..            3 marks
          ‘A’ Certificate       Part I only    …….            2 marks
The Weightage for selection of officers and recruitment of Enrolled Personnel in accordance with the Coast Guard are as follows:-
S.No. Certificate      Points
(a)       `C’                   05
(b)       `B’                   10
(c)        `A’                   05
S.No. Part                 Certificate                  Points
(a)       PART-I           `A’                               05
(b)       PART-II          `A’                               03
NCC Cadets are also taken on cruise onboard as and when Coast Guard ship visits neighboring countries.
 For appointment as Sepoys/Constables : The following additional marks are given to the National Cadet Corps certificate holders for recruitment in Border Security Force:-
(a) `A I” only   - 2
(b) `A I’ & `A II’  - 4
(c) `B’  Certificate  - 6
(d) `C’ Certificate  - 10
 For appointment in Officer Cadre :    The following additional marks are given to the National Cadet Corps certificate holders for recruitment in
Border Security Force:-
(a) `A I” only   - 2
(b) `A I’ & `A II’  - 4
(c) `B’  Certificate  - 6
(d) `C’ Certificate  - 10
For recruitment to gazetted posts, i.e., for Company Commander, Quartermasters and Dy. SPs, the minimum prescribed qualification is eithera first class Bachelor’s Degree or a second class Bachelor’s Degree. However, candidates having a third class Bachelor’s Degree and holding `B’or `C’ certificate of National Cadet corps are also considered eligible for these posts.
Preference is given to ‘B’ & ‘C’ certificate holders for recruitment in the rank of Constable as given below:-
(i) ‘B’  Certificate                   ----        1 Mark
(ii) ‘C’ Certificate                   ----        3 Marks
Possession  of  NCC  ‘B’/’C’  certificates  has  been  given  as  a desirable qualification  for  filling  up  the  post of  Assistant
Commandant (General Duty)/Sub Inspectors (General Duty) under direct recruitment method. 



Officers  Entries


  • NCC 'C' Certificate holders in age group 19-25 years are required to compete in UPSC Examination for Commission though IMA or OTA.
  • 32 Vacancies are reserved in regular course of IMA for 'C' Certificate holders, irrespective of position in merit, subject of passing UPSC examination and clearing SSB interview.

.NCC Special Entry Scheme for SD Wings graduates in OTA in group 19-25 years with 50% marks, through DDG of states for direct interview (SSB) every year. The Cadets are exempted from CDS examination conducted by UPSC.
Upto nine vacancies per course for commission in Navy are reserved for NCC 'C' Cert pass graduate cadets with B.Sc (Physics & Maths) or BE, in the age group of 19 to 24 years and passed by SSB Exempted from CDS examination of UPSC.
Air Force

  • Pilots Course : 10% of vacancies for direct entry for Pilots Course for NCC 'C' Certificate holders of Air Wing (Not Processed through UPSC examination).
  • Other Branches: 10% vacancies reserved in each branch for NCC 'C' Certificate holders. Not processed through UPSC examination.




Soldier GD Category: Bonus marks based on total marks secured in physical and written examination.
NCC 'A' Certificate -- 5%
NCC 'B' Certificate -- 8%
NCC 'C' Certificate -- 10%
Soldier Tech/Clk/SKT/Nurs.Asstt : Bonus marks will be based on total marks obtained in written examination.
NCC 'A' Certificate -- 5%
NCC 'B' Certificate -- 8%
NCC 'C' Certificate -- 10%
Navy : Under mentioned marks are added for recruitment in Navy Direct entry Sailor Artificer Apprentices

Certificate 'A'

2 marks

5 marks

Certificate 'B'

4 marks

10 marks

Certificate 'C'

6 marks

15 marks

Air Force : Under mentioned marks are added to selection test marks of certificate holders: 
'A' Certificate -- 3 marks

'B' Certificate -- 4 marks
'C' Certificate -- 5 marks

Military Nursing Service:
One seat is reserved for B.Sc(Nursing) Course and 24 for Probationer Nursing Course for NCC trained girls, possessing G-2 Certificate in order of merit.

'A' Certificate -- 4 marks
'B' Certificate -- 6 marks

'C' Certificate -- 10 marks
  CENTRAL INDUSTRIAL SECURITY FORCE(CISF) :Preferential marks to NCC certificate holders for recruitment in CISF
'B' Certificate -- 1 mark
'C' Certificate -- 3 marks
 INDIAN COAST GUARD: Weightage of 15 marks to NCC 'C' Certificate holders for recruitment in officer cadre or ranks, depending on education qualification.
INDO TIBETAN BORDER POLICE  : Preference to NCC 'C' Certificate holders for recruitment in officer cadre of ranks, depending on education qualification.