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Abeda Inamdar Senior College

' ARTHOTSAV ' A Three Day Yearly Activity.

      The Department of Economics on the occasion of Silver Jubilee Celebration of our college started new program ‘ARTHOTSAV’. The program was organized from 20th to 22nd September 2016 . This year the theme of ARTHOTSAV was ‘Water And Sustainability’.

        On the 1st Day i.e. 20th September 2016, the program was Poster competition entitled ‘Save Water’. It was open for all students from the college. Total 54 students participated from Arts and Science faculties.                                                             On the 2nd Day i.e. 21st September, the department had organized a one day seminar entitled ‘Entrepreneurship for Youth’.                                                                                                                                                                                 On the 3rd Day i.e. on 22nd September,  the department had organized a visit to Ralegan Siddhi as a part of ARTHOSTSAV a three day celebration on the theme ‘Water and Sustainability’.


  • Discussion on News Items from News Papers / Periodicals/ Magazines etc.-
    The application of the theories taught in the class are explained referring to the news items from news papers or periodicals like Economic Times, Sakal, Economic and Political Weekly etc.
  • Distribute Synopsis of the Lecture –
    Every week lecture synopses are distributed along with the list of references for the same.
  • Quick Quizzes
    At the end of the lecture, recap of discussion taken place in the class is done through quick quiz.
  • Use of Internet Facility
    The addresses of various websites are provided to the students to use information from the various websites pertaining to economics syllabus and related issues.
  • To Provide Question Banks and other Reference Material
    • Topic wise question banks as per the format of question paper for Annual Examination by University of Pune are provided for each subject taught under economics.
    • A set of numerical examples in Micro and Macro Economics is provided to the students to practice solving numerical examples asked in annual examination.
    • To support the reference work, the compilation of ‘Glossary of the Words’ used in Economics is given to the students of S.Y. Arts (Special Economics)
  • Organize Certificate Course
    Certificate Course in Banking and Finance ( 2008, 2016, 2017 )
  • Certificate Course in Quantitative Techniques for Economics ( 2010 )
  • Certificate Course in Fundamentals of Insurance ( 2015, 2016, 2017 )
  • Remedial Coaching
    The remedial Coaching is given to the students at two levels as follows-
    For clever students – Knowledge oriented teaching through cases from news paper periodicals, books related to economic issues etc.
    For weak students – Marks oriented teaching is done for the students who have backlog or scoring less mark in the examination. They are helped to prepare answers in simple language for the frequently occurring or important questions for the annual examination
  • Industrial Visits / Institutional Visits to know the working, policies etc. for industries.
    In a bid to promote learning through practical observations, the students are taken for study tour, industrial and institutional visits.
  • Weblog of the Department :

The department has generated the weblog www.aisceconomics.wordpress.com

            The blog gives information about the faculty members and the various activities of the department. Also the Syllabus, Question bank, Old question papers are made available for the students. The photo gallery gives updated photographs of all the departmental activities. The various online quizzes are also made available for the students. The links to various useful websites to the students of economics like the online dictionary, encyclopedia, etc. It is practice of the department to display the notices on the Notice Board of the blog.



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