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Marathi is one of the major languages in India. The people of Maharashtra state speak this language. Migrations of Marathi people entered their language over south India and even abroad.

Marathi is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by the Marathi people of western India (Maharashtra). It serves as the official language of the state of Maharashtra, with roughly ninety million fluent speakers worldwide. Marathi ranks 4th in India with respect to the number of people who claim it as their primary language. Along with Bengali, Marathi is the oldest of the regional literatures in Indo-Aryan languages, dating from about AD 1000.Marathi is at least fifteen hundred years old, and derives its grammar and syntax from Pali and Prakrit. The Marathi language was earlier known as Maharashtri, Maharathi, Malhatee or Marthi in ancient times.

Marathi is compulsory subject in the MPSC competitive exams.

Department Head

Prof. Dr. Ketaki P.Bhosale                                                                    
Experience: 19 year
Qualification: M.A. (SET) PhD
Contact Ph. No.: 9850919967
E-mail Id: sulbha.jagtap@gmail.com

Dr.  Ketaki Bhosale is examiner, moderator and chairperson for various subjects under University of Pune’s Central Assessment Program.


Departmental Programs and Courses

The department was established in 1995. Marathi is offered as a general subject at FY, SY, TY levels in the arts faculty and as an optional subject at the FY B. Com, SY B. Sc

FY, SY, TY levels in the arts faculty

 Optional subject at the FY B. Com, SY B. Sc

Departmental Faculty

prof. Dr. Ketaki P.Bhosale



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