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Abeda Inamdar Senior College


Vibrant Days are celebrated every acadamic year by the BBA Department. Vibrant Days are theme based days which lasts for 4-5 days where many events and activities like Classroom Decoration, Skit, Nail Art, Face Painting, Poster Making, Mad Ads, Model Making, Best Costume, Long Dialogue, Minute to Win Games, Cooking Competition, Selfie Competition etc. are conducted by the students.

Food Stalls and Game Kiosks are installed by the students during the days. Each day has a different theme for the events.

All the students actively participate in all the events. They gel with each other, have fun and learn all the micro-managerial aspects through these days. It gives them an opportunity to come together for the purpose of winning. 

The last day of the fest is dedicated to fulfilling our Social Responsibilities towards various sections of the society. In the year 2015-16, Cancer inflicted kids were invited to the college. The students entertained them throughout the day by dressing up in different costumes and playing games with them. Snacks and gifts were distributed to the kids. 

In the year 2016-17, kids from Tayyibah Orphanage were invited for the same.

We believe in inculcating the idea of sharing and caring in our studetns by such activities, and yes, they Learn important life lessons through fun.



AISC is the oldest and one of the most respected colleges in India. As a centre of excellence and a pioneer in management education, we have always believed in maintaining excellent relations with the corporate world. 

As a step in that direction, the BBA Department of AISC initiated Management Fiesta, a programme which envisages participation from corporate luminaries, national leaders and prominent Business schools across the country. Mangement Fiesta started in 2005 as the Annual Management festival of the BBA Department, AISC. 

Management Fiesta promises to be an excellent platform for exchanging ideas and disseminating information. Management Fiesta is an anthology of the most diverse and challenging business games, paper presentations, case studies, workshops, B-Plan competitions etc. Known for its innovative and high quality events, conducted in the past – FIESTA is a management festival which has huge importance in the academic calendars of Business Schools across the country.


B-Connect is a group of selective students chosen for their excellence, behavior, performance and participation in the academic as well as the non-academic feild every year by the HOD. The Management Fiesta is organized and managed by the team. Every year there is a footfall of 200 students who participate in the various events.

The B-CONNECT Team of 2017-2018 consists of the folowing Students at the various posts:

President - Mohammed Sajid Arai

Vice President - Aftab Saleji

Secretary - Ibrahim Tinwala

Treasurer - Deepti Bharti

Director of Public Relations - Adil Khan and Alfiya Pathan

Director of Student Welfare - Alfiya Tinwala and Sakina Songhadwala

Director of Event Management - Hussain Ajemrwala, Afsar Mallick and Arbaaz SHaikh

Direcot of Marketing - Mustufa Bugadwala and Uzair Dafedar

Director of HR - Ekpreet Kaur and Atif Mannur

Director of Finance - Vasim Tamboli and Hamza Indorewala

Director of Foreign Relations - Shravani Usgaonkar and Saniya Harge



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