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The Department of Commerce organised 04 National and 01 International Conferences and Seminars from the Academic year 2012-13 to 2017-18.

The Titles of the Conferences are as follows:

1. “Is India Prepared to Meet the Contemporary and Future Challenges With Reference To the Changing Global Scenario?” (2012-13)

2. The New Companies Act 2013 (2014-15)

3. Innovative Trends in Commerce and Economics to Tackle the Competitive Global Environment (2015-16)

4. Transforming India through Futuristic Trends and Strategies (2016-17)

5.Stratergies for managing VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainity, Complexity and Ambiguity):CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES.

The following are the reports of the Conferences:

Academic Year – 2012-2013

National Conference on “Is India Prepared to Meet the Contemporary and Future Challenges With Reference To the Changing Global Scenario?”

Date : 01st & 02nd Feb 2013                                                                                                         Venue : Dr. A.R Shaikh Assembly Hall

A two day UGC sponsored National Conference entitled “Is India Prepared to Meet the Contemporary and Future Challenges with Reference to the Changing Global Scenario?” was organized by the Department of Commerce on the 1st and 2nd February 2013. The Conference was inaugurated by Dr. Uma Ganesh, CEO, Global Talent Track, Pune. She shared her views about the changing trends in Information technology and the recent developments in communications systems. Dr. Shaila Bootwala, Conference Secretary, delivered the opening remarks on the theme of the conference. Dr. Bootwala spoke about the changing global scenario and the increasing might of China. Dr. Kalyan Swarup-Dean of NIBM delivered the Key note address at the inaugural function. Dr. P.A. Inamdar, President, M.C.E. Society, delivered the Presidential address. He traced Indian history and compared the progress made by the country in the pre and post-independence era. He was firm on the view that the progress made by India post-Independence was more than the cumulative progress made in India in one thousand years before independence. The papers presented in the four technical sessions were published as four issues of the January Edition of the Research Journal, “Cosmos”.

Academic Year – 2014-2015

National Conference on “ The New Companies Act 2013 ”

Date : 12th to 14th January 2015                                                                                                             Venue : Dr. A.R Shaikh Assembly Hall

The New Companies Act, 2013, had allowed the country to have a modern legislation for regulation of corporate sector in India. The Act, amongst other aspects provides for business friendly corporate regulation/pro-business initiatives, e-governance initiatives, good corporate governance, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), enhanced disclosure norms and accountability of management, stricter enforcement, audit accountability, protection for minority shareholders, investor protection and activism and better framework for insolvency regulation and institutional structure. In view of these emerging issues and key developments, a three day BCUD, SPPU sponsored National Seminar on “The New Companies Act 2013”was organized by the Department of Commerce at Abeda Inamdar Senior College from 12th to 14th January 2015 to mount larger awareness among the Corporates and their feedback. The Conference was inaugurated on 12th January 2015 at the hands of Mr. Prakash Dhoka, Director, Industrial Metal Powders Ltd., Pune. Key Discussion Areas of the Conference were: Overview of new Companies Act -2013 and its applications - New Accounting Regime Auditors, Accounting & Audit Standards • Corporate Social Responsibility • Management, Administration and Governance • National Company Law Tribunal and Appellate Tribunal • One Person Company • Holding-Subsidiary Company • Special Courts • Independent Director - Role & Responsibility • New Regime of Secretarial Audit & Secretarial Standards.

Academic Year – 2015-2016

"National Conference on “Innovative Trends in Commerce & Economics to tackle the Competitive Global Environment”

Date : 16th & 17th December 2015                                                                                                                  Venue : Dr. A.R Shaikh Assembly Hall

A two days U.G.C sponsored National conference was organized by the Department of Commerce, Abeda Inamdar Senior College of Arts , Science and Commerce ,Pune, on 16th and 17th  December 2015. The theme of the conference was, “Innovative Trends in Commerce and Economics to tackle the Competitive Global Environment”. Over 150 delegates from corporate, research institutions and academic institutes from all over India were present for this academic feast. The conference was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Mr. Shrivardhan Gadgil Director, Behr –Hella Thermo control Private Limited, Pune in the presence of Dr. P. A Inamdar, President, M.C.E Society, Mr Muzaffar Shaikh, Treasurer, M.C.E Society and Vice Principal, Dr. Shaila Bootwala. In his inaugural speech, Mr Shrivardhan Gadgil spoke about the importance of innovation to tackle the challenges faced by the global business and economy. He also emphasised the importance of innovation to enhance productivity, growth and felt that such an initiative was taking place at the right time.The Vice Principal of the college & Conference Secretary, Dr Shaila Bootwala, gave an overview of the conference. Mr Rajeev Bhide, Head and Executive Director & CO founder, India Business Advisors was the chief guest for the valedictory function held on 17TH  December 2015. Mr.Bhide spoke about how the Corporate world should not be interested only in financial growth but also in the process of its utilization in a beneficial way and to develop a holistic approach towards development of business and economy. He was of the strong belief that: “Innovations will drive Growth.”

Academic Year – 2016-2017

National Conference entitled“Transforming India Through Futuristic Trends and Strategies”

Date : 11th & 12th Jan 2017                                                                                                                                             Venue : Dr. A.R Shaikh Assembly Hall

A two day BCUD , SPPU sponsored National Conference entitled “Transforming India Through Futuristic Trends and Strategies” was organized by the Department of Commerce , Abeda Inamdar Senior College, Azam Campus, Pune, on the 10th and 11th January 2017. The Conference was inaugurated by Mr. Rajeev Ranadive, Managing Director, Pixy Cars Pvt Ltd. and Ms.Minal Joshi, an Electronics & Telecommunications Engineer, Founder of Fiesta Clara and the Managing Director of Uzazi, on 10th January 2017. Mr Muzaffar Shaikh, Treasurer, M.C.E Society also graced the inaugural ceremony of the conference. Mr. Rajeev Randive released the conference proceedings at the inauguration of the conference and Ms.Minal Joshi gave the opening remarks. Academicians, researchers, practitioners shared their insights towards cutting-edge information on contemporary and recent global trends, issues and challenges. Some of the major thematic issues presented during the Technical sessions were Skills Development, Demonetization, Banking, Finance, Cashless Economy, Economics, H.R and Operations Management, Business Ethics, Corporate Governance & Corporate Law.The Conference was a huge success with brainstorming technical sessions on diverse subjects providing an impetus to further innovations. The various technical sessions during the two day Conference were addressed by eminent personalities from the Industry. The speakers included Dr. Syed Hasan Qayed, Dr. Balkrishna Damle, EMRC, SPPU and Dr. Md. Rahmatullah, Faculty of Law, Aligarh Muslim University.The program ended with an Open Forum for delegates and participants to share their views on the theme of the conference on 11th January 2017.The proceedings of the students were also released at the hands of Dr Shaila Bootwala, Vice Principal & Head Dept. of Commerce, A.I.S.C. at the end of the Open Forum.

Academic Year 2017-2018

  International Conference on Strategies for Managing VUCA (Violatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity:  CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES.

Date:12th & 13th January 2018                                                                                                                                Venue:A.R Shaikh Assembly Hall                 

The Department of Commerce of Abeda Inamdar Senior College hosted a B.C.U.D, S.P.P.U sponsored Two days International Conference on the theme “Strategies for Managing VUCA: Challenges & Opportunities”. The conference was inaugurated on 12th January 2018 at the hands of Dr. P.A. Inamdar, President,M.C.E. Society. Dr. Christina Koutra, Associate Prof., New York Institute of Technology, Abu Dhabi was the Chief Gest of the program. Dr. Anil Keskar, Advisor, Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth, was also present for the function. The first day of the conference was filled with streams of ideas, information, and visions presented in the technical Sessions. The second day began with Technical sessions in which the participants shared findings and insights from their research works. In order to achieve the objective of the conference, a lively and thought provoking Panel discussion was conducted on the second day. Experts from industry and education, like, Dr. M. D. Lawrence, Principal of MMCC College, Dr.Dhruba Raj Pokhrel, Associate Prof. from Nepal, Dr. S.R Mali, Principal of National Insurance Academy, Dr. Mohsin Shaikh from Navale College of Engineering were the panelist. There were close interactions with delegates from different Institutes and nations on key issues under the theme VUCA Management.



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