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Departmental Activities

Study Tours and Visits

Every year Department of Environemental Science organises study tours and visits to different areas like national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, wind mills, solar power plants . Field visits are compulsory as a part of syllabus of students. It gives students knowledge and practical experience of seeing the nature closely. Its important for students for their spiritual growth to spend the time with nature and to value it. Department choses nearby areas for visit/ tours and carefully brings students by completing all required formalities for the tour. Teachers, Non- Teaching staff member coordinate the visits/ tours.

Guest Lectures

Every year Department  of Environmental Science conducts guest lectures on various topics like Herpetology, Kitchen Waste Management, Disaster Management, Nutrition and health etc.

Guest Lecture on Herpetology:

Although Snakes are largely revered in our society as a deity, there are lots of misconceptions concerning them. Also, there is a poor general awareness about the significant ecological role that they play. It was with the intention of allowing the students to overcome these misinformation; and the cultural awe and fear of these reptiles, that the lecture on ‘herpetology’ was organized.

Guest Lecture on Kitchen Waste Management:

Every year department conducts a guest lecture on ‘Kitchen Waste Management in Pune city’. Causes for rise in Solid waste is increasing population. Waste generation has become very characteristic to present day’s consumerist society and that is why management of solid waste is essential.

There is need to create awareness among youths. Lecture was aimed at discussing remedies which even a common man can undertake to overcome this problem at various levels, right from justifiable consumption of resources and hence generation of waste, segregation of waste at personal, family and community level, reusing, recycling and further. Mrs. Jyoti Shah, well-known as Pune’s Garbage guru is invited as a guest speaker every year.

Guest Lecture on Disaster Management:

A natural disaster is the effect of a natural hazard which leads to financial, environmental or human losses. They are a growing problem around the world. Climate change, earthquake, floods, storm, tsunami, increasing concentrations of people in vulnerable areas and political and economic instability are all contributing factors. The Lecture Provides a glimpse of the various implications of Tsunami through visual aids.  Mr. Anil Dandekar, retired principal of N.M.V. School, Disaster Management Expert delivers lecture on Disaster Management.

Workshop/ National conferences

(Carbon Credits/ Carbon Footprint)

Department of Environmental Science organised a National Conference on "Carbon Credits: Roles and Responsibilities". A follow up action plan in agreement with our expected 'carbon responsibilities', was laid down as an outcome of the conference. In compliance with the same, this workshop was organized with an objective of allowing the students an opportunity to understand-- concept of Ecological footprint- carbon footprint, the threat that our increasingly becoming consumeristic lifestyle pose on our very near future & also beyond.

The workshop highlighted the fact that a major chunk of C- footprint reduction may be achieved, not by technologically & economically difficult means but by simple, environmentally sensitive behaviours; which may be conciously applied to in our day to day life; but can also be economically rewarding. Dr. P. Karve was the chief guest for the conference. Professors from different colleges and universities attended the conference.

Interaction with NGOs and Scientists

Kirloskar Vasundhara International Film Festival

Every year Kirloskar Vasundhara International Film Festival (KVIFF) is organised in Abeda Inamdar Senior College. The KVIFF organises International Film Screening and also conducts a number of allied activities, in an innovative attempt to explore Nature & analyse topical issues relating to Environment, Wild life, Energy, Air & Water. The themes are different each year. Speakers & Social Activists like Mr. Sarang Yadwadkar, Saumya Datta share their knowledge about Environment.

Visit to Uttara Environmental & Rural Development School (NGO), Lonavla, Pune

The biggest Environmental Problem is to tackle the managemnt of of resources in sustainable way. Keeping such view of awareness among the students about the sustainable management, one day visit was arranged to Uttara Environment and Rural Development School, Lonavala

Industrial & other academic visits

Visit to Handmade Paper Industry:

Handmade paper industry, Shivajinagar is one of those few industries set up post independence, that use the wastes of other industries to manufacture their characteristic products. It recycles the rag- remains from cotton textile industry into paper. The institute also provids training to enable interested parties to set up their own small scale manufacturing units.

The intention to take Environmental Science students there was to witness its environmental friendliness in terms of helping to reduce the net wastes avoiding destruction of the raw material base of paper industry- the forest, and its characteristic production by avoiding the use of harmful chemicals, unlike all the conventional paper industry/ mill. Students gain lot of knowledge after visiting such places 

Student counseling on career & personal issues

Guest Lecture on Career opportunities in Environmental Science

As Environmental Science has become compulsory subject from school till college level, its importance is increasing day by day. Increase in pollution, over exploitation, loss of biodiversity are some burning issues of today. Mother earth needs prople who can take care of the nature, ultimately the Environment. The scope of the subject has increased tremendously.

Students of F.Y., S.Y., T.Y. B.Sc. Environmental Science are guided about career opportunities in Environmental Science. well known Guest speakers are invited to share their knowledge about the future opportunities in Environmental Science. The guests also answer the quieries and questions asked by students.

Student seminars/ Curriculum based competitions

Seminar Competitions

To encourage students for activities, enhance their knowledge and presentation skills, a seminar compitition is conducted in the department of Environmental Science at the S.Y.BSc. level. It is Compulsory for all the students to give the seminar. Students prepare power point presentations and give their respected seminars in the Environmental Science Lab. The ranks are given on the basis of their presentation skills, knowledge of the topic, confidence level etc.

Group Discussion

Group discussion is conducted to encourage students to take part in group acticity as well as to enhance their knowledge.

Poster Competition

Science Exhibition

Parent-Teachers Meet

The department of Environmental Science conducts Parents Teachsers Meet so as to inform the parents about their  wards progress. Parents are given information about their wards' attendance, marks obtained by them in the internal exam. Its an interactive session between parents & tecahers. Parents share their views about their wards' progress. Teachers come to know about the expectations of parents.

Exposure at TY level through Field Project

It is compulsory for T.Y. students to prepare a project as a part of their syllabus. Students are guided by the teachers and given different topics for the project.

 Other activities like Workshops on Stress Management, Nutritious Diet, Yoga, Health, Junk Food, Marriage Counselling Alumni interaction session etc are also conducted by the department for overall growth of students.





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