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State level workshop on

‘Mathematical Software’

           The Department of Mathematics, Abeda Inamdar Sr.College in association with Department of Mathematics, University of Pune organized a one week State level workshop on Mathematical Software from 26th Nov’12-1st Dec’12. Abeda Inamdar Sr. College is the first science college in the University of Pune to organize a workshop of one week duration.              


               The workshop was inaugurated on 25th Nov’12 at 10.00a.m.  at the Hi-tech hall of Azam Campus. Mrs.Abeda Inamdar ,Vice president ,M.C.Society was the chief guest for the function.

Dr.S.A.Katre, Head Department of Mathematics, University of Pune was the guest of honor.Dr.E.M.Khan,Principal Abeda Inamdar Sr.College gave the welcome address, Prof.H.J.Siamwalla Head Department of Mathematics, Abeda Inamdar Sr.College gave the theme of workshop Ms.Ansari Ishrat Jahan gave the vote of thanks.


              The workshop was organized with an aim to familiarize college teachers and Research Scholars in Mathematics with Free Open Source Mathematical Software namely Scilab, Sage and LaTeX.

              Total 50 participants including professors and research student  from various colleges in the state of Maharashtra participated in the workshop.

              Workshop sessions were conducted by experts from IIT Bombay, ICT Mumbai, University of Pune and Bhaskaracharya Prathisthana.


              Mrs. Manjusha Joshi Free Lancer in Open Source Software introduced Scilab to the participants. She delivered lectures on graphics in Scilab, she explained how to plot graphs of one variable function and two variable functions using 2D and 3D graphics. She also introduced the typing software Latex which is used for writing text books and research papers. She explained the command for giving references in a document. She explained how we can insert an image in a document using Latex.  She also introduced a new package tikz for drawing figures. Prof. Pingle from Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana delivered a lecture on how to solve Linear Algebra problems using Scilab. Prof. Madhu Belur from IIT Bombay delivered a lecture on how to solve Differential Equations using Scilab. Prof. S.A.Katre Head Department of Mathematics University of Pune  delivered lectures on Numerical Analysis using Scilab and Group Theory using SAGE. Prof. Pawle of University of Mumbai delivered lecture on how to use Beamer to prepare presentations. He also explained how to insert videos and audios to make the presentation interactive. Prof. Pawle also delivered a lecture on how to use mathematical software SAGE for Graph Theory. Prof. Pawle also explained how we can operate the software Maxima in SAGE interface for Mathematical Computations. Prof. Ajit Kumar of ICT Mumbai delivered lecture on Linear Algebra using Sage. Mrs. H.J. Siamwalla of Abeda Inamdar Senior College delivered a lecture on solving problems of Calculus using SAGE

           Participants learned all these topics by enough hands on practice. Participants were very happy in the way the things were described and they gave the feedback that they are eagerly waiting for another workshop of similar kind.

               All the teachers from the Department of Mathematics, University of Pune visited the campus on the 1st Dec’12.

           The Valecdictory function was organized on 1st Dec’12 at 4.00p.m. at the Hi-tech hall of Azam Campus.





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