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International Publications

1. I.H. Zahid, B.N. Pande and S.K. Aher, "Incidence of fungal spores in the Indoor environment of food grain gowdown at Ahmednagar (M.S.)" Proceedings. 5th International Conference on Aerobiology, Bangalore-India. Page -149-154, 1997.

2. I.H. Zahid, Ejaz Khan and B.N. Pande, "Atmospheric concentration of Rhizopus spores" International  Society of plant and Environment, Kanpur (Abst.) 1997.

3. Dr.Ibrahim Al-Gaweel,Imtiyaz H.Zahid.,et.al Retrospective analysis of catheter-related bacteraemia in haemodialysis patients in Benghazi, Libya. The Libyan Journal of Infectious Diseases,Vol.2 ,No.2, 25-30, July-2008.

4.Imtiyaz Hussain Zaheed, Ibrahim Al-Ghaweel and Rafiuddin Naser,Survey of Aeroallergenic Fungal Spores in Al-gala Hospital, Benghazi, Libyia, International Journal of Medical Sciences,Vol,4 Issue 1 & 2 : 10-12. ISSN : 0974-2654. (NAAS Rating : 3.2) ( April & October, 2011)

5. Imiyaz Hussain Zaheed, Sabiha Anees and Ibrahim Al- Ghweel, Airborne fungal spores in indoor environment of orthopedic department on Al-gala hospital, Benghazi, Libyia, )-18,P-92, 17th National conference of Indian Aerobiological Society, Pune – December, 2013

6.  Imtiyaz Hussain Zahid et. al., Antibacterial activity of ethanol extracts of the leaves of  Corida africana Research Expo International Multidisciplinary peer reviewed Research Journal, , Page no 80 - 84,Vol.IV, Issue- IV, ISSN:2250-1630, Impact Factor : 6.2. , December-2014

7. Imtiyaz Hussain Zahid. et. al., Hydroponic cultivation and impact of climate on the growth of Sweet Pepper (Capcisum annum L.), International Conference on “ Ethicial Prospects : Economy, Society and Environment (EPESE-2015), Ratnagiri Sub - Centre, University of Mumbai, 13- 14, March, 2015.

8. Traditional remedy for treatment of Haemorrhoids in Aurangabad (MS), World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, ISSN- 2277-7105, Vol-5,Issue- 5, www.wjpr.net, 2016 SJIF Impact factor 6.805.

National Publications

1. B.N. Pande, S.M. Murdhankar and I.H. Zahid, “Spore load inside Library Atmosphere”,  Indian Botanical Reporter,Journal,  Vol – 13, No.(1&2), page 54-56, ISSN – 0254-4091, 1995.

2.  I.H. Zahid et al. “Survey of Aerobiopullants in the garbage depot” Bhartai Vidyapeeth deemed University Journal Volume-I, Number 2, Page 21-25, "November 1997.

3. Imtiyaz Hussain Zahid and Rafiuddin Naser, “Fungal spores in Library environment”, National Journal of Life Sciences, Vol-07 (3),page 123-124,.ISSN : 0972-995X, December, 2010.

4.  I. H. Zahid, A.S. Bawazir, Rafiuddin Naser, Plant based native therapy for the treatment of Kidney stones in Aurangabad, (M.S) Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, Vol.-1 No.–6, ISSN 2278-4136. 2013www.phytojournal.com

5. I.H.Zahid, A.S. Bawazir, Rafiuddin Naser, Plant based native Therapy for Skin Problems for Aurangabad District, (M.S.), Journal of Pharcognosy and Phytochemistry, Vol – 2, Issue – 1, ISSN 2278-4136. 2013  www.phytojournal.com

6. Imtiyaz Hussain Zahid. et. al., Uses of leaves in traditional medicine in Gautala Sanctuary of Aurangabad district, Maharashtra, India, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery, page no. 644 to 648, ISSN: 2347-9027, January, 2015 (Special Issue)

7. Dr.Imtiyaz Hussain Zahid, Effect of different concentration BA and NAA on nodal culture of Rosa hybrida L. 2320-9593, January,2015

8. Dr.Imtiyaz Hussain Zahid, Response of BA and NAA on shoot proliferation of Punica granatum L., 2320-9593, January, 2015

9.  Dr.Imtiyaz Hussain Zahid, Ethnobotanical uses of plants in Banjara community of Marathwada –I, Biodiversity for Human Welfare, ISSN-0019 – 4468, Pg.52 – 66 Vo.- l. www.indianbotsoc.org - 2016

10. Green remedies for the treatment of Kidney stones in Aurangabab (MS), Proceedings of National Conference on Advances in Life Science and Human Welfare, page 120-123, February – 2017.

Research Papers Presented in National and International Conferences

1. S.K. Aher, I.H. Zahid and B.N. Pande, “An impact of Environmental parameters on atmospheric concentration of cladosporium at Ahmednagar”, Recent advances in Phytotaxonomy, Marathwada University., Aurangabad (Abst.)

2. Sangeeta Ahuja, I.H. Zahid and B.N. Pande, “An impact of weather conditions on airborne Curvularia at Aurangabad”, 7th National Conf. On Aerobiology and symposium on "Aeroallergens, Human Health and Herbal Drugs". At Jiwaj University Gwalior.

3.  B.N. Pande, A.N. Patil and I.H. Zahid, “Studies on aerial incidence of Hyphal fragments” fifth Manipur Science Congress, Manipur. (Abst.)

4.  I.H. Zahid, I.H. Javed, B.N. Pande and B.O. Jayswal, “Atmospheric concentration of fungal spore over sunflower field”.  National symposium on frontiers in plant science Research, Osmania University, Hyderabad (Abst.)

5. I.H. Zahid, Rafiuddin Nasir and B.N. Pande, “Studies on Aeromycoflora over Jowar fields”, National Seminar on Applied Mycology, Pune University ,Pune.(Abst.)

6. I.H. Zahid, T.N. More, Sabiha Anees and B.N. Pande, “Prevalence of insect  parts in library environment, 9th National Conference on Aerobiology, Hyderabad (Abst.).

7. Dr.Imtiyaz Hussain Zahid, Effects of weather variables on grain moul of sorghum in Aurangabad, 7th National Seminar On Future Prospects Of Biosciences, 17-18 th January, Bharathi Vidyapeeth’s, Pune - 2014.

8. Dr.Imtiyaz  Hussain Zahid, Attended, New Horizons in Cancer Research (NHCR-2015), 7th-8th Jan 2015, AISC, Pune- 2015.

9. Dr.Imtiyaz Hussain Zahid, Ethnobotany uses of plants by Audh and Pardhi communities in Maharatawada region (MS), 7th International Congress of Environmental Research (ICER), 26th to 28 December,  2014.

10. Dr.Imtiyaz Hussain Zahid, Attended 18th National conference of Indian Aerobiology, 28th to 30th Sept -2015

11. Dr.Imtiyaz Hussain Zahid, Therapeutic Potential of Indian Herbs as Medicines, 3rd International conference on Herbal and Synthetic Drug Studies, 7th – 9th January, 2016, (HSDS-2016)

12. Dr.Imtiyaz Hussain Zahid, Fungal Diversity and paper deterioration in the indoor library environment at Aurangabad, Maharashtra, State level conference  AISC, Pune, 17th and 18th Feb 2017.

Publication in News Papers       

1. Dr. I. H Zahid "Parents and teachers: undivided architects of a child's personality". Eritrea profile- vol. 6 No. 52, 4th, March, 2000, Asmara, Eritrea-Africa.

2. Dr. I. H. Zahid "Conservation of water with special reference to Eritrea". Eritrea profile- vol. 7 No. 38, November 25, 2000,Asmara, Eritrea-Africa. 

3. Dr.I.H.Zahid A good Teacher and its impact on Society Eritrea Profile Vol. 9 No. 44, 4th January 2003,Asmara, Eritrea –Africa.


BOOKS PUBLISHED WITH ISBN: 9789350562314  - 2013

1.A Text Book On Environmental Biology by Imtiyaz Hussain Zaheed, Discovery Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., 4383 / 4B, Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi, India ISBN : 978-93-5056-231-4, 2013. www.discoverypublishinggroup.com

Some important and scientific activities.

1 .Published articles in various National and International Journals and newspapers.

2. First in college quiz contest 1990-91 and Acted as group leader of scientific team, which visited Andaman and Nicobar islands for ecological study, 1992

3. As a social worker has actively participated in various social activities pertaining to development of life sciences and their various disciplines including environmental science with special reference to recycling of  garbage.

4. Actively participated in blood donation camps of Indian Red Cross Society.

5. Actively participated in a forestation programme in 5th International Conference on aerobiology, Bangalore University, Bangalore 1994 .

6. Participated in orientation programme of NSS Officers at Ahmednagar, Ministry of Youth, |Government of India, 1997.

7. As a research associate in Aeroallergens and Human Health, Govt. of India, Ministry of Environment and Forest spreading the knowledge of airborne allergens to people.

8. Secretary Youth Club, Medicinal Plants, Pune, 1996-97.

9. Organizing Secretary, Seminar on Awareness of Medicinal Plants, February 28, 1997, jointly sponsored by Ministry of Environment and Forests and BAIF, Pune, India.

10. Organized a workshop "Practical in Biology" for the teachers of Eritrea sponsored by the Ministry of Education, The State of Eritrea, Africa.

11. Author of  Ecology Text Book, 2008 and Three research Project completed two in Hospital work and one on water analysis in Benghazi, Libyia

12. Ten research Projects completed at Makella University, College of Natural Science, Ethopia  on Mango fields, Comparative study on application of Urea on Tomatoes growth, Fungal spores in Library, Anti Bacterial Activities of Crude Extracts of Cordia  africana Leaves etc.

13. External and Internal examiner of Savitribai Phule, Pune University and Dr.Baba Saheb Marathwada University, Aurangabad 2015-17.

14. Team Leader, Savitribai Phule Pune University NSS Students for State level, Prerena Camp at BAMU, Aurangabad from 17th – 22nd January, 2016

15. Ex NSS Program Officer, Abeda Inamdar Senior College, SPPU, Pune – 2015-2017



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