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Abeda Inamdar Senior College
Papers Published :

1. Comparative adsorption of crystal violet and congo red on to ZnCl2 activated carbon K.M. Doke, M. Yusufi, R.D. Joseph, E.M.Khan Journal of Dispersion Science and technology ISSN -0193-2691 Dec 2015 Taylor and Francis.

2. Lead, Cadmium and chromium metal contents in traditional Indian herbal medicines Pathan Jakiya, Nawale Sunita, Doke Kailas and R.D.Joseph Abs. No P- 037 Presented at 3rd international Conference on HSDS-2016, 7th to 9th  Jan -2016

3. Amylase synthesis by soil Fungi R.D. Joseph and S.D. Bhinge Abs No. PEI -84 presented at International conference on plant research and resource management. 11th  to 13th  Feb 2016. at T.C. College Baramati.



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