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 The aim of the Computer Science department is to impart knowledge to the all sections of students. To make it possible the department was established in the year 1998 with Under Graduate course in computer science (BCS). As students successfully completed their graduation and the results showed remarkable progress the college initiated    Post –Graduate course in the year 2001.

Through the years the department of Computer science has grown in many ways with the cooperation of college, teachers, and students. Department has improved as the time by adopting different innovative techniques to provide opportunities and sharpen the skills of students by organizing seminars, conferences, quiz and guest lecture for making them aware about to-days world. We encourage our students to excel in all the fields and not only academics. Our students have glorified our department by securing ranks in different college and at the university level.

To provide all the skills and opportunities the department has a well qualified, dedicated, focused and highly motivated staff. They are well equipped with all professional skills needed to impart effective training, research and expert guidance with in-depth knowledge. To motivate our students to read the book for their studies we have maintained a departmental library for UG & PG students and we always keep upgrading them according to advanced technologies.

Department has five well-equipped computer laboratories with Internet facility and classrooms with projector facility, It helps to get hands on experience of the subject and also train them to face the Information Technology industry after their graduation and post graduation. We sign MOU with good companies & organize foreign language courses for the student. We assist our students for the placement in good companies by working on campus and off campus placements.

Today if we look back and analyze the progress of our department we are proud to share that our alumni are placed in a good position. It gives us to do more towards the students whose life can be shaped for better future.


Department Head

Mrs. Shakila Siddavatam

Qualification: M. Sc.,MPhil ,ADCSSAA,B.Ed,Ph.D.(Pursuing)

Experience: UG – 19 Years, PG – 11 Years

Contact No.: (020) 26446970

E-mail :–shakilas@azamcampus.org.in

Departmental Pograms and Courses


 Course Objectives :

To develop problem solving abilities using a computer

• To build the necessary skill set and analytical abilities for developing computer based solutions for real life problems.

 • To imbibe quality software development practices. To create awareness about process and  product standards

 • To train students in professional skills related to Software Industry.

 • To prepare necessary knowledge base for research and development in Computer Science

• To help students build-up a successful career in Computer Science



Name of Course




B.Sc (Computer Science)


XII Science


3 Years


M.Sc.(Computer Science)


B.Sc. (Computer Science)


2 Years





 Tentative Schedule


 (80+20 pattern)

 ( Annual)

 Computer Science – I & II

 Computer Science  Practical  I and  II

 Mathematics – I ,II & III

 Statistics – I ,II & III

 Electronics – I , II & III

  External  Theory – 1st week of March

  External  Practical – Last week of    February

  Internal  I – September / October

 Internal II – 1st Week of  February


  (Semester Pattern)

 Computer Science – I & II

 Computer Science  Practical I and  II

 Mathematics – I ,II & III

 Electronics – I ,II & III

 Communication Skills  in English,      EVS

 External  Theory(Sem-1)– 1st week of   October

 External  Theory(Sem-2)– 1st week of    April

 External  Practical – Before theory exam

 Internal  I – September / October

 Internal II – 1st Week of  February


 (Semester Pattern)

 Computer Science – I

 Computer Science – II

 Computer Science – III

 Computer Science – IV

 Computer Science – V

 Computer Science – VI

 Computer Science  Practical I , II and III

 External  Theory(Sem-1)– 1st week of   October

 External  Theory(Sem-2)– 1st week of April

 External  Practical – Before theory exam

  Internal  I – September / October

 Internal II – 1st Week of  February 



Departmental Faculty



Name of the Faculty




Mrs. Shakila Siddavatam

Head, Department of Computer Science


BEd., Ph.D.(Pursuing)


Mrs.Alifiya Jahagirdar

Assistant Professor

M.C.S.,M.Phil., SET, Ph.D.(Pursuing)


Mrs.Nameeta Amrutkar

Assistant Professor



Mrs.Sana Shaikh

Assistant Professor



Mrs.Madhuri Modak

Assistant Professor

M.Sc. (Maths),M.Phil,SET


Mrs.Saba Shaikh

Assistant Professor

M.Sc.(Maths) ,SET


Ms.Sadiya Inamdar

Assistant Professor



Ms.Sana Nallamandu

Assistant Professor



Mr. Abhijeet Kokare

Assistant Professor



Mrs.Shubhangi Jadhav

Assistant Professor


        11.       Mrs. Pallavi Bhoite Assistant Professor





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