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Intercollegiate Project Competition

  • "Ms. Sajeda Shaikh , Priyanka Swami  and  Vrushali Tribhuvan"The Students of S.Y. B.Sc.(Computer-science) participated in Electronics Project Competition “TEKLOGICA”  at St. Mira’s College For Girls, Pune   on 6th January 2017. They presented a working model on “Automatic Railway Gate control using 8051 microcontroller ”. 

Intercollegiate Project Competition At MIT

"Ms. Khan Afreen and Ms. Rinki Prajapati", the Students of S.Y.B.Sc.(Electronic -science) participated  in  Project  Competition  “MITRONICS ”at MIT College, Alandi Road, Pune on 10th  January 2017.They presented working model on "Re-Glowing of fused tubelight".

Guest Leture

The Guest lecture on E-Waste Management was organized by department of Electronic-Science on 21st  and 22nd  December 2016. This activity was organized for S.Y.B.Sc. (C.S.) and S.Y.B.Sc. students. The session was conducted from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. The guest of honour was Prof. Rishikesh Yeolekar an activist of Lokayat and Convener of the erstwhile youth group `Bharat Uday Mission'. He has also been associated with a team of globalization and sustainable development. The session was started with the Tilawate Quran by Ms. Nazish Khatib a  student of S.Y.B.Sc. (C.S.).The Vice-Principal  Ms Shaila Bootwala facilitated the guest. Prof. Rishikesh Yeolekar has enlightened the students about various harmful effects of electronic waste, such as, cell phones, computers radios and Television and elements used to make them and harm caused by elements which release some of the most toxic chemicals if burnt. Burning electronic waste is a common act performed in India by the Junk Dealers (Kabadi). There is a little bit of e-waste in everyone’s life. Even a broken or dead electronic item doesn't look like a scrap/waste. A typical laptop stored at home has 90% probability of making its way to a landfill or being treated in the informal and hazardous way.The session was followed by the movie based on E-waste and its effects on the environment and human life.Then the lecture was concluded with questionnaire and group discussion.

The most important thing the students realized was that they should not dispose e-waste by entrusting it to Junk Dealers, instead, it should be  deposit it to a ZeroWaste branch or the mobile stores associated with ZeroWaste.It was a great learning and motivating session for the students.



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