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Department Activities

Pune University Statistics Association (PUSA) -Statistics Quiz competition

Every year Pune University Statistics Association (PUSA) organizes "Statistics Quiz competition"  for F.Y.B.Sc. , S.Y.B.Sc. and F.Y.B.Sc. (Comp Sci).Our Students actively participate in Statistics quiz competition


Statistics projects presented during Science Exhibition

We encourage students of Class F.Y.B.Sc, SYBSc and F.Y.B.Sc (Computer Science) to actively participate in Statistics projects. Statistics Projects are based on real life application of statistics in different fields like Psychology, Medicine, environmental science etc..Every year our students present their projects in science Exhibition of our College.

Student Seminar

In order to build the confidence level of students in making presentations, communication and to make them aware of statistical tools applied in different fields; this activity is conducted every year by Department of Statistics for second year B.Sc. students.

Contribution to environmental awareness

We conducted a social activity about “E-waste management awareness to the society”.

Students of class F.Y.B.Sc. (Comp Sci) and S.Y.B.Sc.  participated in this activity.For creating awareness about E-waste in society, our department  conducted a survey.We had given training to our students in different aspects of survey.

Student Seminar 2017

Department of Statistics  conducted "student's seminar" on 18th Sept 2017 for second year B.Sc. students.

 Students have  presented   different applications of Statistics Subject during this programme. 




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