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Zoology association - eZOOcation - inauguration

On the 29th Decmeber , 2016 , the Zoology department at Abeda Inamdar sr. college , Pune hosted the official inauguration of the AISC Zoology association- ‘eZOOcation’. The chief guest for the occasion was Dr. Narahari Gramapurohit, Assistant professor of Department of Zoology Savitribai Phule University  . What was initially meant to be a very formal affair, ended up being immensely moving, not to mention deeply thought-provoking.

Visit to CBRTI, Shivaji Nagar, Pune

The Department of Zoology arranged a study visit to Central Bee Research Institute Shivajinagar for its S.Y.B.Sc class.The students were shown documentary on Life cycle and caste system of honeybees. Mr.S.M. Pokhare showed the museum and described the various equipments used in apiculture. Live demonstration of honeybee colony was done by Mr. Bokade.This visit helped the students to gain knowledge about rearing of different species of Honey bees to obtain large amount of honey of different tastes and flavors &other bee products. They were also shown the commercial methods of culturing of honey bees by using movable frame hives

Essay competition

Essay Competition was organized by Dr. Ishrat V. Shaikh for the F.Y & S.Y.B.Sc. students on 22/7/2016 as a part of their Co-curricular activities in the Zoology Lab. Dr. Jaspal Kaur Oberoi (Dept. of Microbiology) was invited as judge. Students took efforts by meeting the staff, reading books, searching websites etc to obtain knowledge on the topic they were interested in. Judges carefully observed each participant on criteria such as content, presentation & conclusion


The Dept.of Zoology has arranged an educational visit to Aquaculture Center for S.Y.B.Sc Students.The students were shown rearing and culturing of fish, packing of fingerlings to export commercially and method of obtaining seed [seedlings or fingerlings], their Preservation and supply. S. B. Patil sir also delivered a lecture regarding the same. The students were also taught about the use of nets and gears through demonstration.

Poster competition

The Department of Zoology has organized a Poster competition, as a part of their Co curricular activity on 10/09/16

Seminar Competition

Seminar Competition was organized for the S.Y.B.Sc. Students on 24/8/2016 as a part of their curricular activities. 



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