Abeda Inamdar Senior College

Library Services & Facilities

Services offers by the library -

  • Computerized Issue- return
  • Access to online journals under UGC-INFLIBNET program 
  • Reference Service 
  • Referral Service 
  • Newspaper Clipping 
  • Access to open access resources 
  • Current Awareness Service 
  • Selective Dissemination of Information Service

Extension Services and Facilities available in the library -

  • Reading hall 
  • Book Bank Facility 
  • Book Exhibitions 
  • Earn While Learn 
  • Reprographic, Scanning 
  • Softcopy of Syllabus & Question papers 
  • Open Access System 
  • Internet 
  • Library website 
  • Digital information centre

Library provides following  services:

Lending service:

Lending service is available to faculty, students, administrative, research and other staff members of IIMI community.

Book – Bank Facility :

Book – Bank facility is given to the Scholar & needy students. A set of text books is issued to the students for the academic year & books are collected books after Exams of these students are completed.

Newspaper Clipping, SDI & CAS :

Important news are clipped in a separate file and issued to the users whenever required. Selective dissemination of Information (SDI) and Current Information Services (CAS) are also provided when demanded.

On-line Information retrieval (Internet Facility):

ServicesOne of the most important roles the libraries play in society is providing access to information. Access to current and comprehensive information is important to improve teaching and learning activities. For this purpose, an air-conditioned computer room with five computers with broadband connection of 512 kbbp is created exclusively for students and researchers with a nominal fee of Rs.5 per hour to access online information resources. Library staff members monitor this service during the working hours of the library.

Reference and Research Services:

Library staff support the faculty and researchers in various ways like conducting extensive literature surveys, preparation of subject bibliographies on any given topic, reading lists, database searches, etc. Staff also help the students with information resources in doing their projects as part of the course work, conducting case studies, etc.

Inter Library Loan :

To provide an additional user services library facilities are made available to the faculty members, administrators and students of 28 institutions of Azam campus, Anjuman Islam’s Poona College and some other colleges in Pune. Institutional membership is with Gokhale Institute Library, British Library, Pune University Jayakar Library and Deccan Muslim Institute.

Student Participation Program :

The students are imparted knowledge about the library and its functioning by trained staff before involving them in the activities of maintenance and up keep of the library to develop a positive outlook & attitude in students and awareness about the value of a library and its services. In addition, the maintenance staff is benefited by the assistance of students.

Extended hours of Service :

Those students who can’t visit the library during the day-time can make use of the library in the evening hours. The actual timing of library 
is 07:30 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. During exam period it is extended up to 08:00 p.m. Library is not closed during lunch hours. A common reading Hall for all institutes of Azam campus is kept open till 11:00 p.m. and on all days.



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