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About Alumni Association :

The Alumni Association of our college is a body registered under the society’s registration Act 1950, on 7/05/2008.

The Alumni association works in the interest of the students and  organizes a number of events every year. At present the Alumni Association has fixed Deposit of Rs 7,40, 000 /- and a bank balance of Rs  22,000/-. The total strength of the registered Alumni of the college stands at 9085 students.

The trust‘s work is governed by the Alumni of the college and it works in the interest of the students of the college. It organizes a number of events every year. The AISCAAT organizes “Personality Development” workshops for the current students of the college. It also organizes events like career counseling sessions, Value and Beliefs, Self Image, Decision Making, Rapport Building, Social Awarness Programme like: Breast Cancer Awareness,Child Heath Campaign,Documentary On Social Awareness,Food safety  for canteen operators in Azam Campus and Lecture on “Students perception on Demonetization Skill development workshop like Mat Making,Chocolate Making,Hobby Courses,Mixer and Gas repairing ,Fruits and Vegetable Preservation workshop in Association with Ministry of Food and preservation Board Governament of India , Bank Training programme and other such programs.


Alumini Officer







Alumini Committee

Sr.No Staff Name Designation Qualification
1 MS.FARZANA VALIUDDIN SHAIKH Asst. Professor (Alumni Association Convenor) M.COM,M.PHIL, B.ED,NET Email Id : shaikhfarzana4@gmail.com
2 MS. RUKSAR MUNSHI Asst. Professor (Alumni Association member) M.COM,SET
3 Ansari Ishrat Asst. Professor (Alumni Association member) M.Sc. Maths, NET
4 KHAN ANISA Asst. Professor (Alumni Association member) M.com,SET
5 Khan Tabassumnissa clerk (Alumni association Member) M.com,G.D.C.A
6 Ms. Aamina Sabooni Asst. Professor MBA

Alumini Activities

One day Workshop on”Food safety” for canteen operators in Azam Campus

Lecture organized by: M.A. Rangoonwala Institute of Hotel Management & Research in coordination with Abeda Inamdar Senior college Alumni Association . M.C.E Society's M.A. Rangoonwala Institute of Hotel Management & Research, Azam Campus, Camp, Pune, had organized a lecture on Food Safety for the Owners and employees of the canteen in Azam campus on 18th Nov’2016. The session was conducted by Prof. Imran Sayyed . The motive of the presentation was to spread awareness about safe food management system, cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation to the people working in School canteens and the application of the same in their daily routine. The workshop implied focus on framing the structure and modalities to develop Food Safety Standards, and implementation of Food Safety and Quality Management aspects at College level.

One day Workshop on” Gas stove repairing ” for non teaching staff and students

One Day Workshop on Gas stove Repairing One day workshop on Gas Stove repairing was organized for all the Non- Teaching staff and Alumni of AISC on 30th January 2017 under the guidance of Ms. Farzana Shaikh. Maulana Abdul Saqib was the trainer of the session. Maulana Abdul Saqib trained all the non teaching staff and Alumni students on the various techniques of repairing the Gas Stove. He explained in detail regarding the measures to be taken when there is any gas leakage and how should the burners be treated when the flame is low. He gave all the in-sights on repairing Gas stove. His session was very interesting and all the participants got a lot of important information on Gas stove repairing.

An awareness lecture on the topic “Students perception on Demonetization”

An awareness lecture on the topic “Students perception on Demonetization” was organized by the Alumni Association of Abeda Inamdar Senior college. It was attended by the students of FYBcom and TYBCom. The speakers were Ms. Rubina Shah and Asiya Pathan of Alumni Association. They gave information about the survey conducted by them and the positive feedback given by the students surveyed on demonetization. They concluded by stating that demonetization has had a positive impact on the public.

Maths exhibition

Mathematics Exhibition held on 18th January 2017 A one day Mathematics Exhibition was organized by the M.C.E.Society’s Mathematics Academy for the students of Azam Campus on 18th January 2017 at Library Building M.C.E.S Abeda Inamdar Sr. College. The exhibition was inaugurated on 18-01-2017 at 10.00am. On this occasion Ms. Shaheen Shaikh Ist in order of Merit at M.Sc (Mathematics) examination 2015-2016 at SPPU was felicitated by Dr.(Mrs.) Mangala Nalikar . Large number of students from Pre-primary to Junior College of the following institutes participated in the Exhibition. 1. Haji Gulam Mohd. Azam Urdu Primary School 2. M.C.E.Society’s English Medium Primary School 3. Anglo Urdu Girls High School 4. Anglo Urdu Boys High School 5. Abeda Inamdar Junior College Students prepared charts, models and posters based on theory of Mathematics under the guidance of their teachers. Students overwhelmingly and actively participated in the exhibition. Students explained their projects to the guests and visitors .The projects were prepared by referring to the books and information available on the internet. The idea behind the Mathematics Exhibition was to make the students understand the application of the subject, making their concept clear and to bring out their creativity. There were 119 projects prepared by the students. the whole event was sponsored by the AISC Alumni Association Trust.

Five days workshop on preservation of fruits and vegetable and Nutritious for non teaching staff and students

A Five days Training Workshop on “Fruits and vegetables Preservation and nutrition”- 30/01/2017 to 03/02/2017 A Five days workshop on “Fruits and vegetables Preservation and nutrition” was organized for all the Non- Teaching staff and Alumni of AISC from 30/01/2017 to 03/02/2017 under the guidance of Ms. Farzana Shaikh. Mr. Niranjan Singh Choudhary (Demonstration officer food and nutrition board, govt of india) & Mr.Vilas Gholandi had conducted the session. Niranjan Singh Choudhary along with his Lab Assistant Mr.Vilas Gholandi had taught various nutritious recipes and beverages to our staff and students. He also taught some healthy recipes for breakfast which are not only healthy but are full of nutrition and easy to cook. Staff and students were very curious to learn various nutritious dishes and took active participation in the session. A five days workshop was organized wherein the Demonstration officer Mr. Niranjan Singh Choudhary and the lab Assistant taught us various different types of beverages and nutritious recipes which is not only healthy but is also very easy to prepare. The following items were taught in the workshop: ? Preparation of Healthy beverages and some nutritious recipes ? Preparation of Mix fruit Jam & Papaya jelly. ? Preparation of Tomato Murabba and Tomato Ketchup. ? Preparation of Orange squash & Synthetic Syrub. ? Preparation of various types of pickles and chutneys. This workshop encouraged all the staff and students in making and tasting their own nutritious recipes and also gave a chance to work in teams. This workshop was perfect for team building activities and corporate away days. This 5 days workshop gives a chance to individuals to make varieties of healthy beverages and some nutritious recipes which helped them to serve a healthy life to their families.

One day Workshop on” Mixer repairing ” for non teaching staff and students

One Day Workshop on Mixer Repairing One day workshop on Mixer repairing was organized for all the Non- Teaching staff and Alumni of AISC on 04th Feb 2017 under the guidance of Ms. Farzana Shaikh. Maulana Abdul Saqib was the trainer of the session. Maulana Abdul Saqib gave a training to all the non teaching staff and Alumni students on how to repair a mixer at home. He explained in detail regarding the measures to be taken when the mixer has some fault within and it is not operating well, he gave a thorough description as to what all methods can be used in repairing mixer. His Session was very interesting and all the Participants actively participated and Maulana Abdul Saqib solved all the queries of the Participants


An Alumni Meet was held by the BBA Department for its ex-students from the batch of 2015-16 and 2016-17. An invite was sent out to them for the gathering and dinner. It had a footfall of around 104 students. There was a performance of stage singing by Yawar Abdal. After the performance Principal Dr. Prof. Shaila Bootwala with her usual charm addressed the alumna’s about the progress and future programs of college. An Alumni Satisfaction Survey was conducted among all present alumni.


The program started by felicitating the teachers by M.Sc-I students and followed by a welcome speech by Mr. Abdullah Khalique of M.Sc-I. Later teachers shared their experience of past years. The honorable senior teachers courage the students to do further research work in mathematics, and if they are teaching there requested them to teach mathematics sincerely alumni and students had a great pleasure in meeting all the teachers. There were motivated to accomplishments better in professional as well as in personal life. All the Alumni were happy to meet their friends and be in the campus. All the Alumni pledged to collect funds for the economically backward students of the departure.


Business Plan Contest & Mini Research Competition was jointly organized by Prof. Farzana Shaikh , Secretary of Alumni Association Trust Abeda Inamdar Senior college on 05th Oct 2017. All Costing Students from M.COM I & MCOM II had participated. The students were very excited for the competition; this event gave all the students a platform to enhance their Presentation and Communication skills. There were total 17 groups & each group consisted of three students each. Ms. Mehek Bhatia, Assistant professor, Department of Commerce was the Judge for the Competition. Ms.Ruksar Sharif, Member of Alumni Association Trust organized the Programme, Ms. Farzana Shaikh, Secretary of Alumni Association Trust addressed the gathering , Dr. Shaila Bootwala (President, Alumni Association Trust) felicitated Ms. Farzana Shaikh (Secretary , Alumni Association Trust) , Ms. Mehek Bhatia (Judge) & Ms. Ruksar Sharif ( Member of Alumni Association Trust). Ms. Ruksar Sharif ( Member of Alumni Association Trust) proposed vote of Thanks. The event was great success.


A Meena Bazaar was organised on 9th December 2017, Our beloved president Dr. Bootwala inspired the Memon Ladies Club to work towards promoting entrepreneurship. Putting our heads together, the members of the Alumni association came up with a "Meena Bazaar", a fete ONLY FOR GIRLS & LADIES of all ages where everyone would feel free to enjoy a day that creates a charged atmosphere. Meena bazaar was a huge success with a footfall of nearly 2000 people including staff, past and present students, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, guests, friends and well-wishers. A meena bazar is a very interesting and colourful function. The participant had prepared chat, pakoras, kababas and other kinds of refreshment. They set up their stalls and sold these things to the visitors who were all women. Fruit chat, shami kababas and chicken-sticks were in great demand. Our participant too had their own stalls where they sold Dresses, beauty product, Jewellery, bangles, soft toys , Stoll and many other things. It was a great fun. All the things were sold out in a short time.


On 6th January 2018, Ms. Farzana Shaikh, Convener- Alumni Association organized workshop on “Beauty Enhancing” in Green Galaxy. Mrs. Simran Memon, professional soap making expert and Mrs. Shabana Memon, Beautician were the chief demonstrators for the workshop. In the first session of the workshop Mrs. Simran Memon gave training on soap making. She also showed of anti-dandruff shampoo making, face wash making. She answered queries of the audience too. In the second session Mrs. Shabana Memon showed how to do hair spa by using natural products. She showed some of her products which were available at reasonable price. Breakfast was served in the middle of two sessions. Staff members of Commerce, BBA, BCS, Environmental Science departments enthusiastically participated in the workshop.


Principal of the College Dr. Shaila Bootwala Ma’am informed the alumni that the college was in the process of reaccreditation. The NAAC visit was soon expected and how the Alumni could contribute for the same. The attending Alumni were asked to get in touch of as many other Alumni as possible. It was followed by the informal interaction initiated by Ms. Anisa Khan. The aura created by her made everyone feel rejuvenated. After a brief Introduction Session Dr Shaila Bootwala spoke about the progress being made by the Abeda Inamdar Senior College Alumni. This was followed by the the Treasurer's report by Ms Tabassum Khan. The proceedings of the meet were flawlessly managed by Ms. Farzana Shaikh and Ms Tabassum Khan.


The Abeda Inamdar College Alumni Association has been ever dynamic and zestful in its contribution to its Alma Mater. The Abeda Inamdar College Alumni Association extended scholarships of Rs.36,195/- students to encourage the economically needy and academically deserving students of the college. The following students received scholarships: 1. Aalam Khan TYBCA 10315=00 2. Patel Mudassir Shafiyoddin M.Sc. Micro-II 15880=00 3. Shaikh Ishrath Nazir S.Y.B.COM. 5000=00 4. Kanojia Jyoti Devidas F.Y.B.A. 5000=00 TOTAL 36195=00
Name Degree Occupation Company Name Designation Passing Year
Name Degree Occupation Company Name Designation Passing Year



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