Welcome to the Alumni Association, Abeda Inamdar Senior College, Pune!


Our mission has always been to support our students in every way possible. We endeavour to extend this engagement and guidance beyond the duration of the programme. With this goal in mind, the college set up the Alumni Association Trust. The trust is registered with the Charity Commission registration no. Charity Commission E/5161/Pune dated 7th May 2008.

The college has a strong alumni network of over 10,000 members consisting of graduate and postgraduate students. We are proud of our Alumni who have distinguished themselves in all walks of life be it academics, sports, or industry.

 We strive to foster better alumni-institute connect through various activities.  The Alumni Association of our college organizes a variety of activities for the students and non-teaching staff such as workshops on various issues like Food safety, Gas stove repairing, Mixer repairing, preservation of fruits, vegetables and their nutrition, and Mobile Repairing. It also organizes Meena Bazaar every year which gives a platform to all the women entrepreneurs to promote and sell their products.

 Our Alumni have also come forward to support us through donations in the form of books and facilities for ICT-enabled teaching.

The Alumni of our college also participate actively in every activity be it as guest speakers or as jury members for various competitions and events.


  • To provide mentorship to the current batch of students.
  • To keep the alumni informed of the activities of the college.
  • To celebrate the achievements of the alumni.
  • To establish a platform for healthy networking between the past and current students.
  • To provide alumni with a channel to offer support that would help the growth of the institution.

Committee Coordinator

Ms. Shaikh Nusrat

Associate Professor, Dept. Of Microbiology

Committee Members

Dr. Farzana Shaikh

Ms. Rabiya Sayyed

Dr. Azmat Dalal

Ms. Ameena Sabooni

Ms. Sana Shaikh

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Alumni Association

Fine Dining

20th July 2019

Mr. Imran Sayyed



Courtesy and common sense will always be your best guide, but it is helpful to have some general ideas regarding dining and business etiquette. The workshop provided some basic information for our day-to-day experiences. There are many things to keep in mind when dining, but as always common sense should be our guide. When dining with a prospective employer, remember that it may look like lunch or dinner but it’s still business. The way you act during a meal will have an impact on the hiring decision and your future.

Dr. Shaila Bootwala


Dr. Farzana Shaikh Ms.Zeba Memon




Alumni Association

Talent Hunt

31st August


Ms. Anjum Sarkhos

Ms. Hema  Jain


Talent Hunt is an event, which gives a platform to students to represent their talents in any field. It not only helps the participating students to show their abilities but also motivates other students, to come up front and show their hidden potential.. Students participated enthusiastically in this event and displayed their abilities magnificently.

Dr. Farzana Shaikh

Ms.Anisa Khan


Ms.Zeba Memon


Alumni Association

Meena Bazaar

14th December


Ms.Simin Memon


A Meena Bazaar was organised on 14th December 2019, Our beloved president Dr. Bootwala inspired the Memon Ladies club to work towards promoting entrepreneurship. Putting our heads together, the members of the Alumni association came up with a "Meena Bazaar", a fete ONLY FOR GIRLS & LADIES of all ages where everyone would feel free to enjoy a day that creates a charged atmosphere. 

Meena bazaar was a huge success with a footfall of nearly 2000 people including staff, past and present students, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, guests, friends and well-wishers.


Dr. Farzana Shaikh

Ms.Yasmeen Farooqi

Ms.Zeba Memon



Alumni Association

Solar Cooked, One Day Food Stall 


14th December


Mrs. Vishakha Chandhere, Founder- OrjaBox.

Though many technological & strategic interventions have been developed, suggested & applied to mitigate & counter these problems; there still remains a lot of scope. It is with the idea to bridge this gap between technological innovation & application that the TYBSc student & staff of Dept. of Environmental Science, set up a stall for solar cooked food at Mina Bazaar, Azam Campus; where they cooked & sold freshly prepared selective food items. Vegetable & cheese sandwiches, soup & corn were on sale. Alongside, the students also campaigned solar energy, explaining & answering queries as to why solar energy should be tapped as an energy resource & how does the solar cooker work.


Dr. Farzana Shaikh


Ms. Jannatkazmi


TYBSc student


Alumni Association

Excel Workshop

20th January2020

Mr. Prashant

A FDP was organised for the faculty members and hands on training was given to the members on Microsoft excel.

Dr. Farzana Shaikh

Ms.Anisa Khan


Ms.Mahek Shejwalkar



Alumni Association

Jewellery Making Workshop

23rd January 2020

Mr. Shahbaz Maniyar

A one day workshop covering many basic techniques in jewellery making was organised. Participants will make a full set of jewellery including a delicate illusion necklace, a wire cuff bracelet and Ancklet and also cover several techniques for making earrings. All tools and materials will be provided.

Dr. Farzana Shaikh





Alumni Association

Cooking Competition

7th March 2020


. The objective of the competition was 

  • To tap the innate cooking skills of students
  • •To  introduce students to the concept of Food Festivals and 
  • •To help students to understand the Food Business and marketing

Through this Program , Students understood the Concepts of Food Fest, Presentation Skills, Budgeting of Food . The judges for the competition was Dr. Atul Deshpande and Mr. Arun Devkate from M.A. Rangoonwala College of Hotel Management.. The competition received the over whelming response from the participants around 40 person participated for the competition. there were three rounds for the competition Including chopping and identification of ingredients and useful tips where shared by the participants. Dr. Atul Deshpande has given very nice Suggestions and tips for cooking.

Dr. Farzana Shaikh