Students Ordinance

Abeda Inamdar Senior College

Students Ordinance

Student’s Discipline / Conduct

  1. Every student, during term of the course, shall be under disciplinary jurisdiction of the Principal, who shall take appropriate action, in case of indiscipline / misconduct on the part of the student.
  2. The college discipline committee will be constituted by the Principal to observe day to day discipline
  3. Obligations of the students: Every student , shall at all times-
  • Conduct himself/ herself properly
  • Maintain proper behavior
  • Observe strict discipline within the campus of the college, hostel and also outside, or at picnic , on study educational tour arranged by college or at the
  • Ensure that no act of his /her consciously or unconsciously brings the college or any establishment or authority connected with it into disrepute.
  • Before lodging any complaint or making any representation to any authority / agency outside the college regarding any matter connected with college, should bring it to the notice of Head / principal of the college to solve the problem.
  1. Students should avoid following :
  • Habitual unpunctuality in attending lectures, practices, tutorials and other prescribed courses.
  • Repeated absence from lectures, practices, tutorials and other prescribed courses.
  • Securing admission in the college to any UG or PG programs or any other course by fabrication or suppression of facts or information.
  • Obstructing any student or group of students in his or their legitimate activities such as, whether in class room, laboratories, fields, playgrounds, gymnasiums or places of social cultural activities etc.
  • Suppressing material information or supply of false information to the college for seeking any privilege.
  • Possessing or consuming any poisonous or stupefying drugs or intoxicants or tobacco or gutakha smoking or alcoholic beverage in any form in the college .
  • Ragging, bullying or harassing any student in the college.
  • Indulging in any act as would caue annoyance, embarrassment to any other student, or member of the authority of the college, to the staff members or any member of the family of the staff.
  • Indulging in any act of violence, assault, intimidation or threatening in the college or Hostels or outside thereof.
  • Destroying or attempting to destroy or tamper with any official record or document of the college.
  • Stealing or damaging any property belonging to the college, or any of its staff members or students.
  • Instigating violence or participating in any violent demonstrations or violent agitation or violent strike in the college.
  • Violation of any of the Rules and Regulations of the college or orders of the competent authority.
  • Disorderly behavior in any form or any act specifically forbidden by the competent authority.
  • Any act violating any provision of the Maharashtra Public Universities Act 2016, statutes, Ordinance, Rules made there under.
  • Use of mobiles at classrooms / Laboratory / Library.
  • Non- Academic use of Computers and laptops.
  1. The competent Authority may impose any one or more of the following punishments on the students found guilty of misconduct, indiscipline, in proportion thereof.
  • Warning / Censure / Reprimand.
  • Cancellation of the Scholarship / award / Prize / medal, awarded to the students by the college.
  • Debarring from admission to a course or courses of study in the college.
  • Debarring from appearing for examination/s conducted by the university / college / department concerned, for a specific period, not exceeding for five years.
  • Cancellation of the result of the student concerned in the examination of the / college in which he / she has appeared.
  • Rustication / Expulsion from the college.



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