National Service Scheme (NSS) 

The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a community service programme sponsored by the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India. It was launched in the year 1969, the birth centenary of Mahatma Gandhi. 

The objective of the programme is to develop a student's personality through active involvement in community service. The activities conducted throughout the year attempt to inculcate a sense of discipline, awareness and social responsibility among students. Presently, the NSS unit of Abeda Inamdar Senior College (Autonomous) has a total number of 250 students. 

Activities of the NSS Unit  

The NSS unit conducts a diverse range of activities in accordance with the University calendar.  

Orientation Programme 

The academic year begins with an Orientation programme educating the newly-inducted volunteers on the rules and regulations of the National Social Service Scheme. 

Winter Camp 

The NSS unit organises an annual winter camp. The camp spans over a week and requires student volunteers to stay at an adopted village. There, students engage in community and social welfare activities such as 

Educating underprivileged students in villages 

Undertaking economic surveys 

Participating in village cleaning 

Street plays and rallies 

The NSS wing also organises programmes for the benefit of the students during the winter camp. This includes yoga sessions, mental health awareness and meditation, student workshops and talks and lectures. 

c) Outreach Activities 

NSS volunteers also engage in other activities such as: 

Blood donation drives 

Cleanliness drives on the campus and neighbouring localities 

Celebration of important days and birth anniversaries 

Tree plantation drives 

Street plays and rallies spreading awareness 

Old age home visits 

Awareness campaigns 


The motto of the National Service Scheme is “NOT ME BUT YOU” reflecting the selfless service expected of an NSS volunteer. 

As per Ordinance 163 of the University, students participating in the activities of the NSS and NSS winter camp are rewarded with credits. 

NSS Program Officers 

Mrs. Shabana Shaikh, 

Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science 

Dr. Rahul More 

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics 

Mrs. Shilpa Tambe 

Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology 

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